Final Exam

For your final exam grade, you have two seperate tasks to complete.

1.) Follow the Favourite Piece Submission Process

Please choose your one favourite example of your writing completed in the second half of this course (not including your play), and then
– type it in MS Word or Open Office (ie. NOT .hwp – !),
– print it out,
– proof-read it. Check it for typos (or typing errors),
– use the spell-check and the grammar check functions on your computer,
– bring it to the FIRST class next week.

* We will double-check it again in class with a partner, and then with Mr. Warmington,
so, it is VERY important that you bring it to class.

AFTER it has been double checked again, please
– make the correction changes to that favourite piece of writing.
– Update/ save it;
– print a new copy and place with the old copy (or the “first draft”) in your file folder. Then,
– email your typed, double-proofread, favourite piece of writing, to Mr. Warmington, at:

NOTE: You need to email me immediately after the first class. (I need to get your final copy by email as soon as possible.
NOTE #2: Please remember to include your: name, student number, and class day or time,
ie. Mon/Wed, 9-11,      or Tues/Thurs, 10-12

EXTRA NOTE: Please come to your first class next week dressed appropriately for a class photograph.


 2.) Complete your File-folder with the Check-list

NOTE: It is acceptable if your flash writing exercises are not complete. Everything else should be complete.

Your file-folder should contain at least the following:

1.)   Desert Island survival list

2.)   Blog print-out proofing exercise

3.)   Pair-writing one act play

4.)   Process description

5.)   Compare/ Contrast essay

6.)   Why/ What question explanation

7.)   Personal history story/ memory

8.)   Character description

9.)   Flash writing:   – May 7th – Halyu and Korean pop culture
– May 15th – rainy days/superpower/ country

–          May 22nd – to improve/ban from/give to the world

–          May 29th – looking forward to the future

–          … and any of your other, previous flash writing exercises.


Welcome to Our Class Blog Circle!


Welcome to the website of our class blog circle. Here, on the list of blog sites below, you can read and choose from any of the great blogs by the wonderful students in our class. Click on their names to see their blogs and read their writing.

Then, please leave a comment, saying at least the one thing that you liked most about that piece (of writing). Please be specific !

Thanks a lot,

J. W.